Morning Joe Torches “Morally Deficit” And “Sleazy” Clinton Foundation

Every once in a while, the people over at MSNBC show up and do what they are supposed to.

Occasionally, they will actually hold a Democrat accountable.

90% of the time, it’s Joe Scarborough who does it.

He hammered the corrupt Clinton Foundation this morning and it was pretty great.

Christian Datoc has more.

From The Daily Caller:

The “Morning Joe” crew asked a glaring question about the ongoing Clinton Foundation scandals on Thursday.

If Clinton Global Initiative board members — a la Doug Band — were held to specific conflict of interests guidelines, why weren’t the Clintons themselves?

Host Joe Scarborough noted that “there is no doubt” that the Clintons “trade in, not only to make money, on their public service, they make a ton of money on their public service.”

“Yes they do a lot of good,” he continued. “But in Chelsea Clinton’s own words, they quote ‘hustle for business,’ they hustle for personal enrichment at CGI.”

Check out the video…


He’s absolutely right.

It isn’t up for debate anymore.  The Clinton Foundation is thoroughly corrupt.

We’ve known that for months now.

The question is, how in the world do Democrat voters not care?

Are they really that brainwashed by the liberal ideology that they don’t care about something so serious?

Guess so.



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