Moments After Trump Said He’d Protect Military, Hillary’s Campaign Issues THIS Nasty Response

The Hillary Clinton campaign has vehemently chastised Donald Trump for his crude language and late night tweets. Before the debate, which Hillary Clinton lost, was even over, her foreign policy spokesman did both of those things. It’s apparently acceptable behavior if the target is a Republican.

“Go f**k yourself,” top level Hillary Clinton staffer, Jesse Lehrich, wrote on Twitter. Lehrich typed out all the letters in the F-bomb he dropped on Donald Trump—in case you thought we weren’t just being polite.


Jesse Lehrich was apparently very angry about Donald Trump’s comments that Captain Humayun Khan would still be alive if he had been president. The mainstream media’s response to the shocking language and personal attack? Silence, of course.

“I want to apologize for the clearly inappropriate nature and language of this personal tweet. Sorry all,” Hillary’s foreign policy spokesman tweeted 15 hours after posting his original message. So far, the Clinton campaign has not apologized for Lehrich’s tweet or removed him from the staff.

Capt. Humayun Khan was killed in Iraq in June 2004. He became a focal point of the election campaign after Hillary Clinton invited his parents to speak at the Democrat National Convention. The elder Khan attacked Donald Trump on stage, and the Republican responded to the verbal abuse uttered on the national stage.

Donald Trump has been vocal about his opposition to the Iraq War for many years. The biased CNN moderators again attempted to claim he flip-flopped on the issue like their beloved Hillary, but their accusations fell flat.

Right after the war began, Trump was doing an interview with Howard Stern and was asked about Iraq by the shock jock. “Yeah, I guess so. I wish the first time it was done correctly,” was Donald Trump’s response. But anyone that heard the interview realized he really was not expecting the question. Soon thereafter, he formed his official opinion, which was that it was a mistake to be involved in that war.

The Clinton campaign had hoped the backlash over the Khan comments would sink Trump, but they did not. Hillary lambasted Trump for defending himself against attacks from her stage while she ridiculed the Gold Star families of Benghazi victims—deaths she could have prevented!

Hillary Clinton’s vote in favor of the Iraq War has long damaged her standing with the liberals who now control the modern Democrat Party. She was a senator and privy to a host of information the private citizen, which Trump was at the time, was not.

Can America stand an administration run by people with this type of temper and mentality? Is “go f**k yourself” how Hillary’s foreign policy staffer would respond, on Twitter, after disagreeing with a dignitary from another nation?


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