Michelle Obama’s Response to John Lewis Skipping Trump’s Inauguration Is DISGUSTING

Michelle Obama is putting party before country… again. Her tweet in support of Representative John Lewis is beyond disrespectful for an outgoing First Lady!

The First Lady COULD have posted an inspiring and thankful tweet on Martin Luther King Jr. Day WITHOUT taking a dig at the president-elect. So much for her husband’s vow to show the same type of magnanimous behavior Laura and George W. Bush showed to the current Oval Office holder and his family.


Barack Obama had barely promised to be respectful to Donald Trump after their first White House meeting BEFORE he went on the attack during every public speech he had after their first meeting to the present day. He will not quietly fade away after January 20, but at least he and Michelle Obama will finally be evicted from the people’s house!
Michelle’s tweet in support of John Lewis is also tantamount to agreeing with his attack on Donald Trump. The Georgia representative claimed Trump is not a “legitimate president.”

While Lewis’s contributions and sacrifices to the Civil Rights movement deserve respect, that does not mean he is forever off limits when it comes to responding to comments he makes and actions he refuses to take. Whatever he once was, he is now just a career politician.
As a public figure for the past 30 years, John Lewis must be held to account not for what he did on the bridge in Selma, but for the votes he has taken while on the country’s dime. When the president-elect tweeted Lewis was “all talk, talk, talk – no action or results,” he was obviously referring to his time spent in Congress.

The mainstream media are obsessed with how many Democrats are not attending the Donald Trump swearing-in ceremony. We the People simply do not care how those opposed to our vision for making America great again spend their day on January 20.
They still don’t get it and probably never will. The mainstream media pundits are still pointing to polls to gauge how the nation feels about Donald J. Trump. Perhaps if they polled folks who do not think and live exactly where they do—affluent metro areas and suburbs—they would get far more accurate results.

Liberals behaving like petulant children is not news. For something to be newsworthy, it must not be a mundane everyday occurrence.

Democrat leaders, like Barack and Michelle Obama, claim they want civil discourse, but their words and actions indicate otherwise. They only want patriots like Trump to adhere as closely as possible to their line of thinking and submit to the status quo in order to be accepted and deemed worthy of their respect.

We are not vying for liberal respect. We want our country back and do not believe following the lead of the folks long mired in the swamp will get us there.

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