Michelle Obama Just INSULTED Our First Lady Melania… Got a BRUTAL Response!

Michelle Obama used her last days as First Lady to snub Melania Trump, throwing tradition aside out of spite.

Michelle Obama was so infuriated that Donald Trump defeated her best “frienemy” Hillary Clinton that she refused to be appear on camera during the traditional meeting of the outgoing and incoming president and First Lady. Michelle adamantly refused to even take the customary photo with the Trumps, via Wall Street Journal. The backlash on social media was almost immediate. 

The Obamas’ cancelled the photo-op that is always taken of the first couples outside the south entrance of the White House. George W. Bush and Laura Bush posed for the same photos with the Obamas even though their guy lost to the liberal and in spite of all the nasty insults Barack hurled at Bush during the race.

Melania Trump had only a private meeting with the First Lady and Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, during the White House visit. Michelle likely went back to the White House residence and pouted while the future First Lady toured the facility, exhibiting the patience the FLOTUS position requires the entire time.

There has been a brutal response against this decision on social media. Michelle seems to think she’s done nothing wrong.

Michelle claimed during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, “I’m not new in this going high thing; I’m modeling what was done for me by the Bushes. Laura Bush was nothing but gracious and helpful. Her team was right there for my team throughout this entire eight-year process.”

“They go low, and we go high,” Michelle Obama said at the DNC convention. She has failed to live up to her words time and time again. Just one more day until we finally have a First Lady who possesses class!

Melania Trump has never uttered a single public negative word about Michelle Obama or even Hillary Clinton. During her first visit to the people’s house, Mrs. Trump, a naturalized citizen, showed far more grace, poise, and patriotism than Michelle has shown in eight years.

There is a single picture of the closed door meeting between Michelle Obama and Melania Trump only after repeated demands for the image were uttered by the media. The press was not allowed inside the room, so the White House photographer snapped a quick picture while it appears Michelle Obama was busy speaking and not looking at the camera.

“We will do whatever they need to help them succeed,” Michelle Obama was quoted as saying after the visit. Perhaps showing some common decency and respect for the office Obama held by posing for a simple photo would have been a good start!

The Obamas are at least consistent. They always put party above country while failing to notice the hypocrisy of their own words.

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