Michelle Obama Gets Bad News

Michelle Obama thinks she is the best thing that has ever happened to this country, but that is obviously not the case. She did so much hard to the United States that we are still trying to recover. Her and her husband were truly the worst this nation has ever seen. Michelle loved to force her ideas down our throats. There was not one say when she thought that she was wrong. For her, everything had to be done her way. She was a selfish woman with dangerous ideas.

Some of her worst ideas were about what we should be eating as a country. She has been trying to force kids to eat what she wants them to eat ever since Barack Obama was elected in 2008. This has been a bad idea from the start and it did not work out the way she wanted it to at all.

Obviously, Michelle does not know how policies in this country work. She thought that she could easily bypass local authorities when in reality, it is not that easy.

And as it turns out, the kids do not want the food that she is trying to force them to eat. So not only do be have obese kids, but we have hungry kids too. Everything she tried to do was a mistake and set our country back horribly. Many kids have started to avoid the cafeteria lunches completely. How is this making our country healthier? Michelle wants us to be Europe but that will never work out for her very well.

It hasn’t stopped just because Obama is out of office. She is currently still trying to make this thing work. Well, Michelle, this will never, ever work. Without the proper recognition and policies your ideas are worthless and possibly even dangerous.


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