Michael Moore Is A Sack Of Shit

In case you don’t know who Michael Moore is, and I’m not sure that’s possible, he’s the guy that made movies in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s about big business and big government being evil, but then supported Hillary Clinton, the antithesis of what he’s always fought for. He’s a hypocrite, a sham, and a fraud.

And he’s a sack of shit because of it. Moore is very outspoken against President Trump and has outlined a 10 point plan on how to “stop” Trump by making Donald Trump “toast again.” Whatever the hell that means.

The liberal filmmaker took to Twitter Tuesday to share the “easy-to-follow” plan which includes “continu[ing] to skewer the president with mocking humor.” Moore introduced his plan by saying, “Let’s acknowledge what we all know to be true: Trump is in deep, deep trouble.” Hey, Mikey.

If he was in deep trouble, wouldn’t Hillary have won? I thought so. The hilarious part of all this is that America is no longer buying in to Moore’s rhetoric and utter garbage. One Facebook user wrote a scathing response to Moore and it’s being shared all over the country.

This is epic.

For all of you that hate President Trump, I have no issue with you. You are completely entitled to your view, and I respect that. So, here is the best way you can really make your voice heard….

1. When income taxes get reduced, give that money back to the government.

2. When you go to a job interview, and an illegal, or refugee also show up…Withdraw your candidacy for the position.

3. When roads, bridges, and highways get improved, don’t drive on them. Ride your flying Unicorn to the protest.

4. When energy prices drop, due to less regulation, donate that money saved, to St. Jude.

5. When Apple, Google, and all those other companies repatriate money, boycott them. (that means dumping your hybrid car, and smashing your I-phone)

6. When an Illegal felonious alien needs a place to hide… Take them into your home. (and feed the poor thing)

7. When your healthcare has choices, do not accept it. (and by all means donate the reduction to St. Jude, as well)

8. And FINALLY…. When that ballistic missile comes screaming in from the Middle East…… By all means JUMP IN FRONT OF IT!!!!!!!!!

Just a few suggestions from a guy that is concerned about your feelings. This eight-point plan is brutal and kicks Moore directly in his liberal butt. Moore has no credibility left and is completely out of touch with reality. Let’s share this everywhere to prove that we see through his BS and won’t listen to him or his left-wing radicals anymore.

Source: Fox News

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