Michael Moore Gives Huge Donation To President Trump’s ‘Assassination’ Show

Liberals have been enacting violence against President Trump whenever they can. One example of this is the Shakespeare play in New York City that depicts Caesar as Donald Trump and shows him get assassinated. A few right-wing protesters have tried interrupting the show. This caused Michael Moore to donate $10,000 to the show.

“Right-wing media attacked free showings of Julius Caesar cause they said tone was “anti-Trump.” So Bank of America & Delta dropped funding. So here’s my donation & sponsorship to The Public’s Shakespeare in the Park in support of their right to free speech,” tweeted Moore. If only he cared about free-speech enough to donate to all the right-wing speakers that liberals have violently driven off of college campuses.

He went on to explain his decision to donate $10,000 in further detail.

“In a time like this, it is important that we stand up against any attempts to censor art or free expression, especially by denying this expression the funding that it needs. As one who is about to stage my first theatrical event on Broadway, neither I nor anyone else in the theater should feel intimidated by what’s happened here or ever worry about how much control certain sponsors or investors have over our work,” said Moore.

“It’s not a lot considering what is needed to fund America’s most influential and iconic free Shakespeare festival, so I will reach out to the millions who follow me on social media and to others in the filmmaking and theatrical communities to help raise thousands more,” wrote Moore. Do you think he’s a huge hypocrite?


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