Michael Moore Donates $10K To Theater Depicting Trump’s Assassination

Michael Moore stepped up his attacks on President Donald Trump with a donation of $10,000 to the New York City Public Theater that produced the adaption of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” depicting the assassination of a Donald Trump-like character

“Please join me in supporting Shakespeare in the Park. Stand for free speech,” Moore tweeted.


The Public Theater, a New York City arts organization which runs the production, has recently faced criticism and has lost a couple sponsors, such as Delta Air Lines, because the play “crossed the line on the standards of good taste.” The show ended its run earlier this month.

“Right-wing media attacked free showings of Julius Caesar cause they said tone was “anti-Trump,” Moore tweeted. “So Bank of America & Delta dropped funding.”

Moore said he was donating his “total advance” for his upcoming Broadway show.

The character of “Julius Caesar” is dressed in a similar appearance to Trump and is assassinated during the play, while the lead actress in the production has a Slavic accent like first lady Melania Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. has criticized the play over Twitter and a right-wing protesters took the stage during the assassination scene this month to disrupt the production yelling on stage, “this is violence against Donald Trump.”

Performances of “Julius Caesar” have depicted Caesar similar to contemporary leaders in the past, including a different organization’s 2012 production where Caesar appeared to be then-President Barack Obama.

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