Melania Trump Makes Heartbreaking Announcement About Barron

The First Lady Melania Trump has been a deeply private person since she took the stage, which is respectable despite being attacked constantly for it. She is a strong woman, and successfully withstand her harshest critics. But however, it is much more difficult for her to watch mindless liberals attack her 11-year-old son Barron.

“This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald’s,” said Trump family friend.“Truthfully, it’s a lot to cope with.”

“Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up,” a family source said. “She is miserable.”

Nothing has been more difficult than for Melania to see what her son has had to endure. Prior to becoming First Lady, Melania Trump enjoyed the role of a proud mother. She enjoyed taking Barron to and from school each morning. But since her husband took the office, Melania had to stay in her building instead due to the protesters that are constantly outside, and even put the First Family’s lives at risk.

The anti-Trump protesters are constantly surround the family’s Manhattan building, forcing Barron to be escorted to and from school by the Secret Service.

“Melania has the Secret Service take Barron to school and retrieve him,” Truth Monitor reports.

The most difficult part of all this in Melania’s eyes has been watching grown adults mock her son and even question his mental state. It’s all because the sickening acts and conversations about the family on shows like Saturday Night Live and The View.

To make the things worse, the liberals are demanding Melania and Barron to move to Washington, because of the costs of Secret Service for their stay in New York.

IT’S ENOUGH! The left is so violent, hateful, and intrusive. It is about time for them to stop, and start respecting the First Family as they need to!


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