Melania Trump Just Got The ULTIMATE Revenge On Michelle Obama…

Prior to Monday’s White House Easter Egg Roll, First Lady Melania Trump was under an unprecedented amount of pressure thanks to Michelle Obama and her minions in the mainstream media. However, Melania ended up getting sweet revenge on all of them by doing something that nobody was expecting.

Mad World News reported that the mainstream media tried to stay loyal to Michelle by setting Melania up for failure as they printed false reports that she was overwhelmed in her efforts to put on the event. Confident that Melania would fail, Michelle gleefully jetted off to party on a super yacht with Hollywood celebrities like Tom Hanks in French Polynesia.

However, once the Easter egg roll was over, even the liberal media had to admit that Melania had done a stellar job.

“Despite concerns that the event might not be well planned, all seemed to go off without a hitch. It was lower key and less flashy than in years past. The first lady’s spokeswoman said she wanted to focus on the more traditional aspects of the longtime Easter Egg Roll,” reports Washington Post, one of the Obama’s favorite go-to media outlets. “The Easter Egg Roll drew about 35,000 people in 2016, when the Obama White House organized a carnival-like event that highlighted the first lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ health and fitness initiative.”

“[T]he White House came through, releasing tickets in mid-March and distributing them via an online lottery and to ‘schools, children’s’ hospitals and military and law enforcement families,’ White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday,” The Post added.


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