Melania Trump Just Gave Americans BACK Something That Michelle Obama Stole From Us

The liberal media threw a fit earlier this year when Melania Trump decided to stay in Trump Tower in New York City for a few months so that Barron could finish his school year. However, they are now staying silent about the fact that Melania is doing something huge to SAVE American taxpayers’ money, and it puts Michelle Obama to shame.

Mad World News reported that Melania is saving us all money by having 19 less staffers in her White House office than Michelle Obama did. While Michelle had 24 staffers, Melania has decided that she only needs four.

With this move, Melania is saving taxpayers a whopping $5.1 million a year. Michelle was such a diva that she needed an enormous staff to fuel her own ego. Melania, however, is having none of this and has decided to put saving money ahead of herself.

This just shows the character of Melania. She knows that nobody would have questioned her if she wanted a staff the same size as Michelle’s was. Despite this, she knew that millions of Americans are struggling just to put food on the table after eight years of Barack Obama being in office, and she realized that they need the money a lot more than she needs a huge staff.

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