Melania & Donald Join the Macrons at an Eiffel Tower Dinner [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump took his wife Melania out on the town Thursday evening in Paris, making the most of their brief stay in the City of Lights with a dinner at the Eiffel Tower.

The Trumps are dining tonight at Le Jules Verne, on the second floor of the famous French monument. They’re the guests of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, the first lady and president of France.

Donald Trump seated himself next to Brigitte Macron, with whom he’d shared an uncomfortable handshake with earlier in the day that lingered on a little too long -and in which she appeared to be trying to get him to let go.

Donald Trump also commented the France’s 64-year-old first lady in remarks that were caught on camera: “You know, you’re in such good shape.”

He gave her the compliment in front of French President Macron, who is 39 year old, and Trump, 71, repeated it to him before turning back to Brigitte Macron and saying to her: “Beautiful.”

A French operative Facebook live stream caught the interaction. What was not documented was Melania Trump’s reaction, as her back was to the camera, but however she surely did not react badly, rather probably confirmed.


However, the American first lady, 47, seemed to move closer to Mme Macron and put her hand around her protectively as Trump spoke to her.

The awkward exchange came after Macron her husband welcomed Donald and Melania to Paris on the eve of Bastille Day.

Trump kissed Mme Macron Parisian-style, once on each cheek, before taking both her hands for a prolonged grip, in which he appeared to jerk her left arm towards him as she appeared to be struggling to get him to let go.

It was an off-script start to a carefully-choreographed visit to Paris which on Friday will see Trump and Macron together for the Bastille Day celebrations, as well the couple dining together on Thursday evening at the Eiffel Tower.

Not to be outdone, Macron grazed his wife’s butt in front of reporters during a tour of Les Invalides with the Trumps later.

By early evening the two men acted like old pals, laughing and smiling their way through a bilateral meeting at Elysee Palace. They made a concerted effort not to criticize each other, either, during a joint presser.

Their wives were just as chummy during a tour of Notre Dame cathedral and a boat ride down the Seine.

H/T: Daily Mail

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