Media SILENT About What 26 Of The “Sit-In” Democrats Have In Their Closets

The left-wing-controlled media is predictably silent about massive hypocrisy regarding Democrats and the Second Amendment. I know, shocking right?

When House Democrats staged their little sit-in on Wednesday, the media forgot to mention that 26 of these Democrats — a.k.a. hippies reliving their glory years — were actually gun owners.

In the 25 hours the Democrats sat on the House floor, in between food breaks of course, the media didn’t seem to think important the fact that 26 of the Democrats looking to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights actually own guns themselves. looked at a survey done by USA Today in 2013 regarding gun ownership and found that at least 26 of the Democrats involved in the sit-in reported that they own had guns. The figure could actually be higher, considering 12 Democrats either refused to participate in the survey or wouldn’t disclose their gun ownership status.

Instead of respecting the process, these Democrats decided to behave like petulant children in regards to the rights that 26 of them are actively benefiting from without real, serious consideration of the potential effects on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Here’s a couple of gems from sit-in participant John Garamendi, D-Calif.:


Interestingly enough, Rep. Garamendi left out the part about citizens potentially being placed on the terror watch list without due process. That’s not exactly respecting the Second Amendment, but fortunately liberals don’t let details get in the way of a good old fashioned display of faux outrage.

I wonder if any of these 26 Democrats would be okay if their guns were taken from them if they were put on the terror watch list without due process? Something tells me that all of a sudden they would be awfully upset.

The liberal outrage playbook chapter on hypocrisy is, after all, pretty straightforward.


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