Media is SILENT on This Poll… It’s the WORST News for Hillary Yet

The media obsessively attacks Donald Trump and spends every day claiming that Hillary Clinton is leading in “all” the polls. They claim that Trump has no chance to win and that the race is pretty much over.

But millions of Americans disagree – in fact, for some, the race wouldn’t be over even if Hillary were to win the White House.

That’s why the media has been totally silent about a major poll that could change the entire course of history in America.

This is incredible! From Fast Company:

This election season has prompted many Americans to talk about leaving the country if their preferred candidate isn’t elected. It seems voters in Texas might have an entirely different idea: they’ll become their own country.

Results from a poll conducted by Public Policy Polling released Tuesday suggest that 60% of Texans who support Donald Trump would support an effort for Texas to secede from America if Hillary Clinton is elected.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, Texans agree that the state should secede from the United States!

This isn’t a brand new idea, but a lot of Texans are giving it another look as they face the disastrous prospect of a totalitarian Hillary Clinton as president.

While there are many Texans who disagree with seceding, Hillary Clinton would be an unmitigated disaster as president: pushing even more destructive taxes and spending, trying to totally nationalize our health care system (like she tried to do in the 90’s), helping our enemies overseas, and making America less safe with her radical open borders policy.

Texans have to bear the brunt of Hillary’s amnesty push – and more Texans may very well support secession if she actually wins!

The Texas secession movement gained some major steam after Great Britain successfully voted to leave the nightmare of the European Union:


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