Media Caught LYING About Why Trump Is In Florida. Here’s the TRUTH:

Liberal reporters claimed Donald Trump was rushing off for a vacation after only serving two weeks in office. That is not true – and extremely biased, as well.

President Donald Trump and the First Lady merely left Washington for the weekend for a previously planned charity event, which they have attended for years. Air Force One landed in Mar-a-Lago for the Red Cross Ball earlier today. (via Daily Mail)

About 700 people are expected to attend the Red Cross Charity Ball. Donald and Melania Trump have been also donated to the charity through this event for many years.

The attendees of the worthwhile event are paying up to $50,000 each, not to aid partisan politicians, like many of Obama’s trip did, but to help those in dire need.

The claim that Trump is on vacation is very hypocritical of the media. President Barack Obama likely sat in the Oval Office less than any other president since John Adams moved into the building. But, mainstream media pundits either ignored all of his golf outings and pseudo campaign/townhall/vacay trips– or made excuses for them.

While in Florida briefly, President Trump will still be very much on the job. He will be holding multiple meetings and engaging in planned calls with government and business leaders.

“I told you I’d win that election,” President Trump said when waving to the large crowd who welcomed him to the Sunshine State. Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, who chairs a business panel of CEOs for the Trump administration, was also along for the ride.

Six ambassadors to the United States are also expected to attend. The ball will likely end up being one very expensive working lunch for our president.

Ambassadors on the guest list include representatives from Switzerland, Peru, Italy, Colombia, Afghanistan, and Jordan. Prince Charles and Princess Camilla, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, the Duke and Dutchess of Marlborough, Princess Clotilde d’Orleans, Prince Charles Philippe and Princess Diana, also of d’Orleans, are also expected to attend the charity soiree as well.

The opportunity for President Trump to chat with world leaders abounds this weekend. The ball is expected to raise $950,000 with in-kind contributions of $200,000.

A press pool is traveling with the president, which gives them all a chance to discuss further the many actions Trump has taken to make America great again over the course of the past two weeks.

Liberals protesters are, of course, also expected at the event. The “March to Mar-a-Lago for Humanity” activists will be protesting President Trump’s illegal immigration policies — among many other things, of course.


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