Unhinged Maxine Waters Got Blasted For Her “Embarrassing” Statement About Trump

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of Los Angeles has gotten calls from many quarters to step down from her post as a result of the numerous bizarre, baseless smears she has been making about Republican President Donald Trump and other Republican lawmakers in Washington, D.C.

She recently ratcheted up her irresponsible rhetoric against our President in a recent interview on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House program where she somehow claimed how Trump was “embarrassing all of us.”

Stated Rep. Waters what would happen if Trump ends up not being accused of any wrongdoing as a result of the Russia investigation, “Well, if the special counsel comes back with that kind of determination and if this country wants to continue with this president who’s embarrassing all of us internationally…”

She continued her run-on sentence ramble, saying, “Who does not understand the relationship with our allies and how important it is and who will continue to have this Kremlin clan surrounding him all looking toward Putin and the Kremlin clan wanting to, you know, make sure that we lift these sanctions — if they want to have that kind of leadership if they want to have that kind of president, then America can do that. But I think that that’s not going to happen.”

The internet slammed Waters for this ridiculous ramble, with one commenter summing up all our feelings by saying, “Ms. Waters, you have no trouble embarrassing yourself each and every time you open your mouth.” Added another, “A dung beetle is more useful to the world than this scabrous wretch. She makes Benedict Arnold look like an upstanding patriot.” Do you think Waters needs to finally give up her clown show? Watch below:



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