Matt Damon Risks Everything To Take This Massive Stand For Donald Trump

After a surge of rebellion from liberal Hollywood, Matt Damon is the latest in the entertainment industry to express his support of President Trump. In a recent interview, he argued that Trump has “a lot of work cut out for him” and advised Americans to start “rooting for him.”

Damon was formerly a Clinton supporter and he has criticized Trump on many issues, including immigration. Still, he said he believes Trump will take his responsibilities as President seriously.

“First of all, I wish him well and we all must,” Damon said, according to National Insider Politics. “A successful American president is good for all of us and we really have to be rooting for him right now. Obviously, it’s no secret that I didn’t vote for him. And yeah, I think there is a sense of we are heading into new territory here. He is obviously not a career politician; he has been very occupied with his own business interests, which are relatively narrow given the scope of what a president actually has to deal with, so I imagine he is really working hard right now to master so many sectors. He’s just got a lot of work cut out for him.”

Other celebrities to express their support for Trump include Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight and Stephen Baldwin.

What do you think? Will Damon’s endorsement encourage others?

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