Man Who Survived Assad’s Chemical Attack Shocks With Blunt 3-Word Response To Trump Bombing Them

In the hours since 59 missiles rained down on Syria, the world has been talking about the unprecedented action America’s leader took that nobody saw coming after eight years of passivity and apology. While the coverage has been nonstop and there’s no shortage of debate over this decision, nothing has been heard from the ones he did it for — the victims gassed by their leader. Now, one man who made it out alive has just delivered a blunt response to President Trump that says everything in just three words.

Qusai Zakaria escaped Bashar al-Assad’s ruthless gas attack previous to this one and was lucky to get out before it killed him. Although he was injured in the chemical assault, he lived to talk about it and used those words to make a promise to America’s president who came to his defense, when he and other Syrians knew that it was something Barack Obama would never do.

Zakaria shares the same opinion with many other civilians in the war-torn Middle Eastern country, that this counter attack was a long-time coming and they’re glad someone finally stepped in to stop it from happening again. When speaking to The Telegraph, Zakaria put it his response in the simplest of terms promising to name his son Donald if he has one adding that “This man is a hero. He has balls.”

“This will give people hope. It’s all about hope,” Zakaria told the news outlet from his home in Washington, where he now lives and works as an activist after fleeing Syria in 2014. “This is a game changer; it’s a new era that shows that America will actually do something. It shows there are real red lines in Syria. He closed his comments by proving his hero’s words:  “Like Donald Trump says, ‘This is huge’.”

While the world watches and Americans fight over the counter attack being right or wrong, a victim who has been gassed by Assad has a valid opinion on the matter. He knows that this recent chemical attack wouldn’t have happened after the one he survived had the leader of the world’s superpower “had the balls” to do something about it before.

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