Louisiana Police Chief Lost His Job For Exposing Obama’s EVIL War On Cops

Apparently when police officers swear an oath to serve and protect, they also give up their First Amendment right to free speech — or at least they did under Barack Obama.

Jonesville, LA Police Chief Skylar Dore found this out hard way. After making a post to Facebook about Obama and his war on local cops, Dore was promptly relieved from his post by his town’s council.

Dore is like every other police officer in this country — he believes that under Obama, those in law enforcement got a raw deal. In his Facebook post, he called out Obama for “the war on my brother [sic] (white police officer).”

It was evident that he was just frustrated by the poor treatment that Obama inflicted on local police officers around this country, and that was why he shared the post.

He is in good company because a lot of people are frustrated with the anti-cop and Black Lives Matter movements stirring up division in this country. They are so frustrated that it was probably part of the reason why Donald Trump was elected president.

After Dore was fired from his post, many Jonesville residents said they felt the language was racially charged. They felt that police officers should not be encouraging division but encouraging unity instead.

Forget the fact that Obama and the BLM movement created this problem by taking isolated events and making people believe that our law enforcement officers are all racist, Gestapo types.

Dore was only speaking out and reacting to police officers being killed in Baton Rouge. Yes, he spoke out in the heat of the moment, but it was only because he was fed up. He was tired of police officers getting killed, and he knew some of the Baton Rouge officers personally.

Now that Dore has been fired, I have questions for Jonesville: What about them? What about the fact that these murdered cops were not able to go home to their families?

While some people are claiming that all cops are racist, the truth is that they put their lives on the line for us all of us every single day. What thanks do they get? Not very much. And if they dare to speak out, they are fired. Being a police officer is truly a thankless job and one that got even tougher under President Obama.

However, if I were a betting man, I’d be willing to wager that things are going to be different in Trump’s America. No one has shown more respect for law enforcement than Donald J. Trump, and hopefully that respect will trickle down into the rest of America.

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