Loretta Lynch Just Got FORCED To ADMIT Why She Really Let Hillary Go!

Loretta Lynch appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and got absolutely raked over the coals while avoiding questions that would incriminate Hillary Clinton an expose her own bias, but her stock answer to almost everything was that she couldn’t or wouldn’t comment.

However, that didn’t stop numerous Congressmen from embarrassing her in front of the entire nation by asking questions that backed her into a very uncomfortable corner. It’s blatantly obvious that Loretta Lynch is lying to the America people.


From Breitbart:

“That shadow which you cast on the Department of Justice just got a whole lot bigger,” said Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas).

In one of the emotional high points of the more than four hours of back-and-forth between the congressmen and President Barack Obama’s second attorney general came when Ratcliffe challenged Lynch to pledge that she would not accept another hitch as attorney general if Hillary Clinton is elected president. After Lynch met privately with President Bill Clinton on her plane in Phoenix, there were media reports that the Clinton campaign would welcome Lynch joining the former first lady’s cabinet.

“Because if you’re not willing to rule out future employment in the Hillary Clintonadministration, what that means is the American people have every right to wonder whether or not you looked at this through a fair and impartial lens,” the congressman said. Clinton is the expected Democratic nominee for president.

“Because your answer tells the American people that after the FBIDirector told you that Ms. Clinton had been extremely careless with at least 110 emails marked as top secret, secret or classified and may have jeopardized the lives of actual Americans, and told you that she made numerous false public statements about sending, receiving or turning over classified materials, you might want to apply for a job with her?” he said.

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