Loretta Lynch Has Now Been Tied to Trump Wire Tapping

President Trump uncovered some more unsettling news about the Obama administration. In a series of tweets over the weekend, he alleged that President Obama had Trump Towers wiretapped and apparently the FISA Court approved it! Guess who signs off on FISA requests? Loretta Lynch

IMG_0307The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was created in 1978 when Congress decided to monitor surveillance by the government in regards to foreign affairs. They oversee applications submitted for electronic surveillance, physical search and other investigate actions for foreign intelligence purposes.

The Court is composed of 11 federal district court judges who are appointed by the Chief Justice and they can only serve a maximum of seven years. This means every single judge on the court currently was appointed during Obama’s time in office!

Unfortunately, President Trump is stuck with five of the current judges for his entire first term. Chief Justice John Roberts has been in his role since 2005 and is a strong supporter of Obama which makes it rather concerning that he has appointed every judge on the FISA court.

According to ABC News only 2 in over 10,000 applications were turned down by the FISA Court from 2009-2015 and all are signed by the attorney general. Meaning any FISA applications in the past year had to be signed off on by Loretta Lynch. This is the same attorney general who chose not to investigate the Clinton Foundation when it was shown to be participating in illegal activities.

Furthermore, the Obama administration requested to wire tap President Trump not once, BUT TWICE! The first time it was actually turned down meaning it was 1 of 2 to be turned down out of over 10,000 applications. That shows there was no justification for this surveillance and the Obama administration was grasping at straws.

No one should be surprised by this considering how close the Obama’s and Clinton’s are. They were clearly all working on this together and now it’s going to blow up in their faces.

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