Look at The THREATS Rap Artist Just Made To White Teen Because She’s Performing For Donald Trump! (VIDEO)

It’s no surprise by now that most celebrities aren’t interested in attending Donald Trump’s inauguration. But rapper Snoop Dogg just gave his thoughts on the issue, and crossed a major line — he threatened anyone who is willing to perform.

Snoop posted a video on Instagram with the threat, saying, “So ain’t nobody gonna perform for Donald Trump, huh? Which one of you jiggaboo a** n**gas gonna be the first one to do it? I’m waiting, I’m gonna roast the f**k out of you.” He described the unnamed singer as an “Uncle Tom” as well.

While Snoop didn’t call anyone out by name, white teenager Jackie Evancho will be performing at the inauguration.

See Snoop’s threat here:

He really should just stick to what he is good at. It’s hard to remember at the moment what that is, exactly, but dabbling in politics is clearly not his strong point. And threatening people for participating in something he disagrees with is definitely not OK.


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