Limbaugh Just Did It

Conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh spoke Thursday to a caller on his program who raised concern over the need to stop Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from attaining the White House, as she herself has made clear the sort of policies she would impose that would be nothing short of destructive to America.

Limbaugh couldn’t have agreed with the caller more, and reiterated for the umpteenth time that, whether you like him or not, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was the only person with a chance to defeat Clinton in the election and prevent her from doing her worst in the Oval Office.

“You know, all of these Republicans and conservatives who are saying that they just can’t, in good conscience, support Trump because they don’t want to undercut conservatism or the conservative movement, to me it’s not about that,” Limbaugh stated. “This is about the country and stopping Hillary Clinton.”

“I realize some of you in this audience don’t like Trump and you might try to find somebody else,” he continued. “You don’t want to vote Hillary, so you might go third-party, you might try to find somebody else you can vote for. Mistake.”

Rush then proceeded to describe the myriad ways that Clinton and the Democrats have worked to undo the America we know and love, transforming it into an entirely different country, with a different culture, different ideals and different morals and values.

He further stated, again, that he had been prepared to support any of the 16 or 17 GOP candidates that had run for the nomination (even Ohio Gov. John Kasich), with the entire point being simply to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency.

“That’s what this has always been about to me,” Limbaugh said. “It’s greater than my personal preferences over ideology and so forth. It’s bigger to me than party. The country’s always been bigger than party, to me.”

“We have 70 percent of the American people admitting, in a lot of polls, they think the country’s going in the wrong direction,” he continued. “Well, we can build on that. The problem is that many in that 70 percent have no idea why. They’re chalking it up to things that do not blame the people actually responsible for it.”

“The case is easily made that Democrat Party policies implemented in the last eight years have led to 94 million Americans not working, have led to the lowest home ownership in 51 years, have led to the student loan system becoming an absolute albatross around students’ necks,” he added.

Limbaugh went on to discuss the economy and immigration issues further, again linking the clear problems that everyone sees to Democrats and Democrat policies.

Folks (in my best Rush impersonation), the choice is clear. We can sit this election out, claim to stay true to our principles, vote for a third-party, whatever. But that only increases the odds that Clinton will prevail in November, which in and of itself could lead to the eventual crushing of conservatism through her unconstitutional policies that would infringe upon numerous aspects of the Bill of Rights and further complete the “fundamental transformation” of our country that was started under President Barack Obama.

Or, we can all suck it up and cast a vote for Trump, who we may not necessarily like, and may even have significant reservations about, but who remains hands-down an infinitely better candidate to lead the country and preserve America as it is and once was than Clinton ever could be.

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