Maxine Waters’ Life Is About To Come Crashing Down

For the past few months, California Representative Maxine Waters has spent a lot of her time calling for President Trump’s impeachment. Her disrespect for the president was on full display this weekend at a gay pride event in West Hollywood.

“He is not my president,” Waters told a crowd at the event. “He is not your president. He lies. He cheats. He’s a bully. He disrespects us all. If he thinks he can mess with the LGBT community, he better look at what happened right here in West Hollywood. You deny, you disrespect, and you will find that there are people who have the courage to organize and to take back whatever needs to be taken back.”

“We resist this president because he stands for the worst of everything,” she continued. “And guess what? I know that people may not quite be ready. I know some are a little hesitant. I know some are saying I’m not so sure, Maxine, that what you are saying is the right thing, but I’m saying, impeach 45. Impeach 45!”

Some interpreted Waters’ comments as a call to action to take down the President and his supporters. Just days after she went off, a Trump-hate named James Hodgkinson picked up a rifle and opened fire on a group of GOP congressmen during baseball practice.

The encouragement for liberals to take down the government needs to stop. Do you agree?

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