Liberals Were NOT Ready For James Mattis’ Epic Response About Gays In The Military. They’re Speechless.

The Trump cabinet headings are continuing this week and every single pick is proving their loyalty and their mettle. The Democrats are attempting to pin people like Rex Tillerman into a corner, but they keep coming back and destroying the liberals in every way imaginable.

Take this shining example for instance. Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) challenged General James Mattis on if LGBT people are undermining the lethality of our military.

Just like a liberal, they have got to ask this question because of all the special snowflakes out there. Gen. Mattis wasn’t taking the bait and responded with an EPIC sentence that flustered the Senator and shut her up fast.

The refusal to answer the question directly is actually EXACTLY what Gen. Mattis should have done. The question was leading him to say something that would let the liberal dogs pounce and he answered it like an expert, with class, poise, and a definitive nature.

I hope we see more responses like this from the remaining cabinet picks because we know the Democrats are stupid enough to ask these questions.

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