Legal Scholar: Comey Could Be Indicted For THIS Sick Crime. Do You Support?

James Comey must be feeling ashamed right now. He was recently fired by President Trump for failing to do his job.

This new piece of evidence SHOULD land him in prison for a long time. Comey had information from a whistleblower that DIRECTLY showed that President Trump was being wiretapped. There were many others involved in this case as well. (via The Gateway Pundit)

It is troubling to think that the FBI and CIA might be corrupt, but when evidence presents itself, you cannot ignore it. In this particular case, it is practically SCREAMING “coverup.” The president of Freedom Watch, and founder of Judicial Watch, wrote an open letter calling for the indictment of Comey for obstruction of justice. HE NEEDS TO PAY!

The letter put some disturbing information on the table. It read, “We represent a whistleblower by the name of Dennis Montgomery. He was an NSA, CIA contractor. He came forward with 47 hard drives, over 600 pages of information showing that President Trump, the Supreme Court justices, the chief justice himself, 156 judges, prominent businessmen and even yours truly have been subject to illegal surveillance.”

CLEARLY, there is something amiss. There is mounting physical evidence of a coverup, as well as obstruction of justice, yet Comey is walking around free as a bird. There is no justification.

Liberals like to throw around lines like “Now it is irrelevant, since he is gone.” That is NOT the case. It is still something that needs to be addressed NOW. If not, things are only going to get worse.

People are aware of the fact that they can easily manipulate the system for their personal or political needs — and they’re going to do it ten times out of ten. If we can make an example out of Comey, it would certainly make people think twice.

This is not even the first piece of evidence to come out against the former FBI director. He has dug himself a hole that he will never be able to climb out from, and we couldn’t be happier.

Comey was caught lying under oath about sensitive government documents. He let Hillary slide on multiple occasions, talking to her while NOT under oath, and he never went after those who allegedly “hacked” Democrat Party servers. His police work in her case was childlike. A 6-year-old would have found her guilty, but Comey just let her off the hook.

Clearly, something is wrong with the FBI. We are experiencing a massive change now that President Trump has taken office. He is slowly, but surely, working the corruption out of the system. We are THANKFUL that someone is looking out for the best interests of the American people. The patriots of this country deserve peace of mind, and President Trump is delivering.

It has been a long time since we had a President looking out for OUR best interests. This is a new and exciting experience. You can bet that before it is all said and done, Comey WILL be indicted for his crimes.

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