LEAK: Document Proves Lynch Committed Criminal Act. Should She Go To Prison?

For years, we’ve heard about the Clinton crime family. Well, it seems that the Obama crime ring may have pulled even more hijinks than even the Clinton family, especially near the end of the left-wing emperor’s reign.

During the 2016 election, word leaked out that Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on a private plane parked at the Phoenix Airport. It was passed off by as nothing by Hillary’s campaign, but a new leaked document shows that Lynch was committed to providing political cover to Hillary. That faitful airport meeting was NOT mere happenstance! (via Cons Journal)

For his pains, reports claim that Comey decided to go public with his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails because he did not think that Lynch could be impartial without public heat.

If things had gone differently, the investigation into Clinton’s emails would have been left to Lynch. Ever since 2015, Comey and his FBI had grown increasingly suspicious of Lynch.

More specifically, in a fall 2015 memo, Comey and his team noticed that Lynch refused to classify Clinton’s email scandal as an “investigation.” (via New York Times)

Lynch also made it clear that the Clinton investigation was not to be treated like a criminal matter. Also, during the FBI’s investigation into the supposed “hacking” of the election by Russian operators, they found one incriminating email from a high-ranking Democrat operative that confirmed Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going “too far.” (via Hot Air)

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