Laura Ingraham Announces Epic Career News, She’s Taking Down A Hated Politician [Details]

Laura Ingraham has become one of the biggest stars in conservative politics, despite the fact that she has never held elected political office. Ingraham, a savvy entrepreneur, has always favored the private sector, where she has built up a considerable media empire, including her extremely popular radio show and the news site

However, according to reports, Ingraham is seriously weighing taking the plunge and making a career switch into the world of politics, where she’d be taking on one of the biggest fish in Hillary Clinton’s circle.

Knowledgeable sources have revealed that numerous Republican party insiders have urged Ingraham to run for Senator in her home state of Virginia. She’d be attempting to knock out none other than Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate during her most recent Presidential campaign.

Ingraham is said to be seriously considering this Senate run, although her team has not yet issued a definitive statement about it. However, they did offer a significant clue as to what direction Laura was tilting. Her business partner Peter Anthony has already been buying up website domain names for her campaign.

Thus far, Anthony has snapped up,, and What do you think about the idea of Laura Ingraham taking on Tim Kaine in 2018? Do you think she should run?

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