Last Night Trump Made Every American An Epic Promise! Look What He Will Do For Us

We have on “last shot” in this election. The coal industry will disappear if Hillary Clinton becomes President. Our country will disappear if Hillary becomes President.

Last night in Abingdon, VA, Trump promised to protect coal mining in this country. “It is the last shot for the miners,” Trump said. “Hillary will be a horror show, and I’ll be an unbelievable positive. The miners will be gone if she’s elected.”

This is how Trump will bring jobs back. He is going to get rid of the stupid regulations. He is going to get people back to work, and this is why we love him.

This speech came right after 50 GOP officials penned a letter that was warning that Trump would put the country’s national security at risk. Did you know that there are Republicans that plan to vote for Clinton in fall?

Hillary got a huge bump in the polls. Let’s give Donald a bump back!

Trump will bring back jobs. Trump will put our youth to work. Help us share this! Hillary Clinton is winning in the polls. All the brainwashed people that are voting for her believe the media lies, aaaaannnndddd Lord, I am getting tired of preaching the truth! That’s why we need your help right now.


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