Krauthammer Slams GOP Congressmen For Screwing Up Their Opportunity To Replace Obamacare

Now that Obama is out of the office and the House and Senate are being controlled by Republicans, the GOP has a real chance to repeal and replace Obamacare. Krauthammer explains how they could be screwing it all up.

“In the end the Republicans are gonna have to essentially, the conservatives, the ones who are more conservative, are gonna have to fall on their swords. This is the signature event for the new administration. If they were to, in the end, eliminate the entitlement and put it down, I think it would destroy the presidency,” explained Krauthammer.

“They are right now asking for the destruction of the entitlement. I think after what Obama did there is a entitlement that is now accepted. But in the end there’s no way that they’re gonna consolidate a loss of the entitlement,” said Krauthammer.

“And also they’re going to have to concede the fact that Obama created an entitlement. And they’re now gonna transmute it into something different,” he said. “But the entitlement will stay, there’s no way to ratchet it back. And the conservatives are gonna have to swallow that in the end, because otherwise it collapses,” he said.

It definitely isn’t easy to fix Obama’s mess. What do you think of Krauthammer’s comments. Check out the interview below.

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