Krauthammer Makes Controversial Claim About President Trumps Transgender Ban, Is He Right?

President Trump’s tweets banning transgenders from the military took America completely by surprise. Some happy with his decision and some furious. Fox’s Krauthammer felt that the timing of these tweets was very “bizarre.”

“I can understand on a day where one Obamacare reform after another is shot down in the Senate on a day where the bizarre twitter war against Attorney General Sessions is continuing and diminishing the president and his own attorney general at the same time, you might want to change the subject. And that is succeeding,” explained Krauthammer.

“But it became out of nowhere. … Mattis is reviewing this, asked for six months, which is a reasonable thing for any administration to do. And in the middle of it — was there a crisis that all of a sudden it had to be withdrawn?” questioned Krauthammer.

“And you don’t release a policy like this and make a reversal without having an answer to the simple questions, such as, are you going to withdraw people right now in the field who are transgender? It’s like the release of the executive order on immigration where they had no answer on what do you do with a person with the green card, and caused that chaos at the airports when the first version of the travel ban was issued,” said Krauthammer.

“This is not how you run a railroad. No matter how you feel about the underlying issue, this is really bizarre,” said Krauthammer. What do you think of Krauthammer’s comments? Do you support the President’s decision? Check out the video below.


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