JUST IN – WikiLeaks Drops MAJOR Criminal Bombshell About John McCain. Should He Be Prosecuted?

Is it all over for John McCain? He has been attacking Trump non stop since the election was over, but it looks like McCain in the one that should be getting scrutinized.

A just released WikiLeaks document revealed John McCain is a CRIMINAL TRAITOR! The document shows Senator McCain begging the Russians for illegal campaign donations in 2008.

Image Screenshot via WikiLeaks

Image Screenshot via WikiLeaks

Was it McCain’s old and deep connections with the Russians which led him to so easily get his hands on the FAKE Russian dossier on Donald Trump? Ever the hawk, it was McCain too who called the Russian hacking into the email of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager an “act of war.”

“We [Russia] have received a letter from John McCain requesting financial contribution to his presidential campaign,” the letter from Kremlin officials said. A presidential contender covertly colluding with the Russians should be taken very, very seriously, especially now.

Was all the bold talk an attempt to get back at Russia for not giving him the money he wanted? Maybe he feared his request would surface, as dirty deeds usually do, and wanted to give the impression he loathed our former Cold War foe in an attempt to discredit the report.

It is ALWAYS illegal for an American political candidate to take a single penny from a foreign entity in the form of a campaign contribution. McCain cannot claim ignorance of the law as an excuse — he knew.

“In this connection we would like to reiterate that Russian officials, the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, or the Russian government do not finance political activity in foreign countries,” the letter from Moscow went on to say. John McCain dared to claim Trump was in bed with Russia after he tried to soak some money out of them while running against Obama?

The staffer at WikiLeaks has verified the authenticity of the Russian letter. The document leaves zero room for interpretation.

The metadata in the document was reportedly created by “INT10.” Metadata can be manipulated but rarely ever is, according to the tech experts at WikiLeaks.

The version of Word used to generate the letter is reportedly registered to an organization noted as “MID.” WikiLeaks usually removes metadata when sharing its documents but did not this time — in what appears to be a move to be extremely transparent about the document’s authenticity.

The Russian letter about McCain underwent two revisions before it was finalized. It was saved by “INT9.”

The timing is interesting. Maybe they felt no need to share the tidbit about John McCain because he has mattered so little in the political realm.

But, as of late, McCain has become a thorn in the side of not just Russia but President Donald Trump as well. Trump is attempting to negotiate, from a position of strength, a better relationship with our most powerful geopolitical foe.

Undermining OUR president is not in the best interest of either nation. McCain appears to be on a mission to destroy Trump and embroil us in wars for decades to come.

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