JUST IN – We Now Know The REAL Reason Democrats Hate Jeff Sessions

The rule of law should never bend to the will of any special interest group or political party, something future U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made sure of in Alabama.

In the many false allegations liberals have hurled at Senator Sessions, claims that he tried to suppress black voters in 1985 by pursuing a prosecution for voter fraud in Perry County, Alabama is the most heinous.

The allegations would be nearly laughable if the left had not tried and succeeded so many times in the past in disparaging the character of conservatives by using this same race card tactic. The liberals are completely ignoring the fact that the victims Sessions was protecting in the voter fraud case were actually black voters!

Perry County is located in a rural west-central Alabama and is home to about 10,000 residents, the Conservative Review reports. The area is known as the “Black Belt” due to the dark and very rich soil found in the region.

The population of the area is 68.7 percent black, according to the most recent census figures. The area votes overwhelmingly for Democrats year after year. Obama garnered 73 percent of the vote in Perry County in 2008.

Perry County has also been accused of voter fraud over the course of many local elections. “The most aggressive contemporary voter suppression in the African American community,” former Alabama Democrat Congressman Artur Davis said. He added that he saw “the wholesale manufacture of ballots, at the polls and absentee, in parts of the Black Belt.”

During a 1983 grand jury proceeding in Perry County, a report was issued noting concerns about issues with the balloting process which appeared to target the “aged, infirmed, or disabled,” The grand jury was comprised of a majority of black voters and had a black foreperson.

The case involved absentee ballots being sent to people who did not request them, with the voter only finding out when he or she went to vote at the polls. The particularly tense race was between two black Democrat candidates.

It was ultimately found out that local candidate Albert Turner was illegally obtaining absentee ballots and filling them out with a vote cast for himself. Turner and his wife Evelyn were caught at the post office trying to mail in 300 absentee ballots. Their co-conspirator, Spencer Hogue, was caught with 170 absentee ballots. All told, Turner and his helpers mailed 504 of the 729 absentee ballots cast in the election.

The Perry County grand jury called for the “vigorous prosecution of all violations of the voting laws.” The panel also added a request for the “presence and assistance of an outside agency, preferably federal, to monitor our elections and to ensure fairness and impartiality for all.”

The attorneys for the voting fraud suspect spun the narrative that they were merely trying to assist voters fill out the ballots and were arrested and charged for aiding black voters. None of the suspects were charged for infractions related to improperly assisting voters fill out an absentee ballot, but liberals still latched onto the narrative in an effort to cast Jeff Sessions as a racist trying to engage in voter suppression.

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