JUST IN! Look What Happened At The US Border – Trump Was Right AGAIN… (VIDEO)

Before he took office, Donald Trump promised that he would crack down on illegal immigration like no president had before. This week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to make it look like Trump had gone back on this promise while also calling his border wall “immoral, expensive, unwise.”

Now, two border ranchers are firing back to let Pelosi know how wrong she is.

The American Mirror said that Arizona ranchers John Ladd and Fred Davis told Fox & Friends that border crossings by illegal aliens have decreased 90% to 95% since Trump took office. Ladd then dropped a bombshell when he said that he’s used Border Patrol data to figure out that some 500,000 illegal aliens have crossed his property in the 30 years he’s owned it.

Davis added that Pelosi is wrong in her assertion that a wall would divide border towns.

“All the communities that I know about, all the cities along the border, already have high fences,” he said. “Where the wall is necessary is in a lot of the outlying areas that still only have a four-wire barbed-wire fence between Mexico and us.”

He went on to say that a wall is necessary to stop violent criminals from entering the U.S.

“You’ve got to put boots on the ground to make it effective, and that’s been part of the problem on what places they have a wall now,” he said.

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