JUST IN – Barack Obama in Massive $22 MILLION Criminal Scandal. What Should Happen?

You won’t believe what Obama is responsible for this time. It might be the most infuriating thing he’s done.

It has been revealed that Obama’s administration didn’t bother checking the identities of non-tax filers and still gave them $100 million worth of tax credit payments. The Obama administration even gave $22 million worth of these payments to illegal immigrants and inmates. 

This was revealed in a report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, and it details that $122 million worth of tax credit payments were handed out to over 35,000 people who had NOT made a tax return during 2014 even though they were supposed to do that in order to qualify.

The people who were supposed to conduct these checks thought that verifying the identity of those concerned was irrelevant. In effect, Obama and his administration gave all of this taxpayer money to those who broke the law and contributed nothing to society.

Even those people who lived here illegally or were incarcerated during this time received $21.8 million of these payments.

This figure totaled an estimated 11,000 people. Those in charge didn’t even bother to check federal records to ensure that these people were or were not still in prison.

In response to this, officials from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid said identification “plays no role” in the eligibility of health insurance — a statement that doesn’t make much sense.

The idea of this tax credit refund program was an incentive for Obama supporters to go for the healthcare laws that he was putting forward, and he needed the support of lower and middle-class families for it to succeed.

This all goes against the rules of Obamacare: the applicants need to be lawful residents or citizens of the U.S., currently living in the state in which the exchange is found, and they cannot be in prison.

There has been a lot of well-placed scorn directed at these programs as it appears to be VERY easy for people to abuse the system and claim benefits and refunds in a fraudulent manner.

This was typical of the Obama administration, but, thankfully, a competent person is in charge now.

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