Judge Napolitano Just Went On TV And Said Something Loretta Lynch Didn’t Want Getting Out!

Is there finally going to be an investigation of Loretta Lynch? Is it finally gonna happen? Judge Napolitano weighed in today and said that Lynch has a “lot of explaining to do” following the FBI Director Comey’s to the Senate.

He is talking about the fact that the Loretta Lynch instructed Comey to talk about the Hillary Clinton investigation not as an investigation but as a matter.

To that point, it’s the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not the Federal Bureau of “Matters.” 

“Comey laid out a case for misconduct in office for Loretta Lynch,” said Napolitano. He said that the Senate investigation might not happen but Comey has given enough evidence to start an FBI investigation.

Come on, Patriots! Get Judge Napolitano’s words out there. We need to get Lynch up on stand and get her to explain why she met with Bill Clinton during the campaign.

Share this so that Loretta Lynch and Obama’s cronies are finally brought to justice. Get this to Trump now.

H/T: Fox News

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