Judge Judy DESTROYS an Obama-Supporting Welfare Cheat: I’m Sending This Tape to Congress! (VIDEO)

The welfare system, in theory, is supposed to be temporary and help people when they are down on their luck. But in practice, it has created an entire class of citizens who refuse to work and live off the work of others. In many minority communities, with the number of single-parent households skyrocketing, the state often takes the place of the father.

Watch (above) as Judge Judy takes a lazy guy to task for misspending money the government gave him for rent. Because his friend provided him housing, he pocketed the money. And in Barack Obama’s America, it’s clear he had a sense of entitlement to abuse that government program anyway he saw fit.

Judge Judy, as a taxpayer, is not pleased and explains to him where that money comes from! She explains the purpose of the program, and is so mad that she promises to send this clip to Congress.

Source :www.thepoliticalinsider.com

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