Judge Jeanine Just Revealed The Shady REAL Reason The Clinton Foundation Exists

Friday Morning, Judge Jeanine Pirro laid into the Clintons in general and the Clinton Foundation in particular, denouncing it as not a charity at all.

On Fox & Friends, she denounced the Clinton Foundation as a “money laundering operation used as a slush fund.”

“The foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operation that was used as a slush fund. It is not a charitable foundation. No charitable foundation has only 10 percent that goes to charity,” she added.

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The interview was focused on the Clinton Foundation’s communication with the State Department and the “pay-to-play” scandal that has emerged recently as yet another piece of evidence that Democrat nomineeHillary Clinton has neither the competence nor the integrity to lead a charity, let alone a nation.

This bombshell actually wasn’t even the point of the interview, but you can here her short rant here:


Specifically, it referred to a CNN story in which a top aide to Clinton at the State Department conducted job interviews for a position within the Clinton Foundation, and a top-level position at that.

Source: conservativetribune.com

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