Johnny Depp Just Got More BAD News – Now He Could Be Facing MASSIVE Charges

Actor Johnny Depp is being dogged by a two-year-old case that could soon land him in an Australian courtroom facing a perjury charge.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said Depp and his then wife Amber Heard snuck their two Yorkshire terriors into the country back in 2015, failed to declare the dogs to customs officials, then lied about it afterward claiming Depp’s former managers had filed the paperwork.

The Management Group (TMG) disputes Depp’s claim as both sides remain locked in a contentious lawsuit with Depp accusing the company of defrauding him out of millions over the years.

A perjury charge is not to be taken lightly in Australia, an island country that takes its biohazard laws quite seriously. In May 2015, Depp and Heard flew in their private jet into Queensland, Australia accompanied by their two yorkies. The couple later pleaded ignorance of the law when confronted by authorities.

Depp reportedly told Australian authorities that TMG “staff had obtained the necessary paperwork.” That should have ended the matter — if Depp had been truthful.

TMG later filed legal papers, published in People magazine, claiming Depp was “fully aware that he was illegally bringing dogs into Australia” and that Depp “pressured” an employee to be the fall guy.

Even though Depp and Heard paid a fine and made a public video apology, Australian authorities are considering whether to reopen the case and slapping Depp with a perjury charge.

This is turning out to be one pile of doggie poop not even Depp’s signature character, Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” would be able to step over so easily.

Depp recently came under fire after making an off-color joke in Britain about killing President Donald Trump. The actor later apologized for the remark, for whatever it was worth, considering that he could be facing a charge of lying to customs officials in Australia.

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Source: Breitbart

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