Jeff Sessions Put THIS Surprising Item In His Office, Media CENSORING It

After a hard confirmation process, Jeff Sessions is now our attorney general. He is already going about restoring integrity to the office, starting with the little things.

Sessions put a “Governmental Award of Excellence” that he earned from the NAACP in his new office, as per Politico. Likely, the media are blacking this out because the NAACP was actually one of Sessions’s most ardent detractors during his confirmation process.

This 2009 award was actually discovered when an aide was cleaning out Sessions’ office in Mobile, Alabama as he was preparing to move to Washington for his new role. Sessions did disclose this award as he was filling out a required questionnaire for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Cornell Brooks is the current president of the NAACP, and he testified against Sessions during his confirmation hearing. Lindsey Graham is a colleague of Sessions and noted the unusual situation in a delightful manner.

“Apparently [Brooks] does not stay in contact with the NAACP chapter in Alabama,” Graham said. “Most of the things said about Jeff Sessions and the way he acted as a senator could be said about all of us on this side who consider ourselves conservative.”

Of course, Sessions’s confirmation hearing was particularly bitter, and Democrats are already showing heavy opposition against him and the president. Chuck Schumer, in particular, declined to support Sessions because he wanted the attorney general to be “independent” of the president.

You see, Schumer believes the president is heavily biased and will destroy this country, but he fails to see that Trump is a person of integrity. Trump expects the best from all people, especially those he is putting in key positions as cabinet members.

The Democrats just don’t want the Department of Justice holding them to account. Republicans realize Sessions has the necessary integrity, and they immediately jumped to his defense.

“We all know Sen. Sessions to be a man of his word. We know he’s a man who believes in the rule of law,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. “It’s been unfortunate to hear the attacks that some on the far left have directed at our friend over the past few weeks.”

He is also a man who is surprisingly fair. He isn’t one who will throw around groundless accusations like some on the opposing side of the aisle would. In light of all this, there is only one characterization that will fit when it comes to Sessions.

Judging from what he has placed in his office, he will be an attorney general who is devoted to fairness and the original principles this country was founded upon.

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