James Woods SHREDS libs after Virginia shooting, With ONE Obama quote

The left has been scrambling to justify their consistent calls for violence against the right — all played out in the media — ever since yesterday’s politically motivated shooting in Alexandria.

They’re failing. Miserably.

The liberal narrative is that Obama never used violent rhetoric; a move that’s been used to deflect the blame for the shooting, and place it back onto the right.

Today, conservative actor James Woods tweeted something that totally shut that line of thought down cold.

Via Twitchy:

Since the shooting in Alexandria yesterday, the Left has been VERY VERY busy finding ways to pretend they had nothing to do with the Leftist gunman who fired on innocent Republicans practicing baseball. From blaming Trump, to implying the Right brought it on themselves, they’ve been contorting quite impressively to avoid the truth about their message.

James Woods was having none of it:


Sorta like when Obama made the joke about the Special Olympics? Can you IMAGINE the shiznit fit if Trump said something like that? They think he MIGHT have mocked a journo with a disability and they are still freaking out all over him for that …

But not Obama who LITERALLY made fun of people with developmental disabilities.

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