Ivanka Trump Accepts Major Invitation

Ivanka Trump just confirmed she will go to Germany to attend a summit on the economic empowerment of women. Ruining the media narrative of friction between Merkel and Trump. The media really wanted this story to be true – sorry to disappoint.

In fact, Ivanka was invited by German Chancellor Angela Merkel herself to come to the summit. Merkel extended the invitation during her recent White House visit.

She confirmed the trip on Twitter today.


The W20 summit, a women-focused effort within the Group of 20 countries, will be held in Berlin in late April.

Merkel and Ivanka Trump forged a critical bond when Merkel visited the White House to meet with President Donald Trump.

Besides attending meetings, Ivanka, at the request of German officials, arranged meetings between American and German business leaders. One of the topics of discussion was vocational training.

The meeting was the second time a critical foreign ally reached out to Ivanka Trump to discuss economic items. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did the same with great results.

Ivanka Trump has been working on various issues for many years. Specifically, women’s empowerment issues and job training opportunities. She met often with major CEOS for some time, before her father took office, and will continue to be a key voice for all American workers.

She is perfectly suited for her role in her father’s administration. Ivanka is without a doubt a rising power in Washington D.C.

She has the President’s ear and more – she has her own following. She just revealed her new office in the West Wing, got a security clearance and government-issued electronic devices to better help the American worker.

Ivanka has given up control of her fashion brand, moved her family to Washington and of course will with all ethics rules.

But her critics, because of her power and ability still take shot at her from time to time.


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