Ivanka Trump’s Daughter Arabella Is Celebrating A Birthday

Ivanka Trump’s daughter Arabella loves the Disney princesses, and the last few years her birthday parties were princesses themed. When Arabella celebrated her 4th birthday she had a Snow White-themed birthday party.

And Ivanka posted on Instagram cute photographs of her daughter dressed as Snow White posing in front of her special decorated birthday cake.

“Six years ago today, Arabella Rose came into our lives and our hearts expanded forever. She continues to find ways to amaze and bring joy to Jared and me each day. Happy birthday, Arabella!” Ivanka said in the picture she posted this Saturday



One picture posted by Ivanka was especially popular, it quickly won over the hearts of the internet, with many people writing comments to wish the little lady a happy birthday.

Other year Arabella was dressed as Elsa for her Frozen-themed party. We send our best wishes to Arabella for her special day.

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