‘It’s Time For A Screaming Wake-Up Call, America’ Sarah Palin Takes Powerful Stand Against Chicago Torturers

In Chicago, four 18-year-old thugs kidnapped and tortured a special needs white man that they assumed was a Trump supporter. They did this all on camera and live streamed it as they screamed “F**k Trump!” and “F**k White people”. The liberal mainstream media has been giving the thugs sympahy and claiming it is not a hate crime. Sarah Palin disagrees.

“The child, yet unborn, spoke with the Father, ‘Lord, how will I survive in the world? I will not be like the other children. My walk may be slower, my speech hard to understand. I may look different. What is to become of me?’” started Sarah Palin in a post that she wrote on Breitbart.

“The Lord replied to the child, ‘My precious one, have no fear. I will give you protectors. They will love you because you are special, not in spite of it. Though your path through life will be difficult, your reward will be greater. You have been blessed with a special ability to love, and those whose lives you touch will be blessed because you are special.’” – From an embroidered plaque sent anonymously to me when my son Trig was born,” wrote Sarah Palin.

“Trying to fathom what is shown in the Chicago torture video is just too much. I watched a mere few seconds of it and will watch no more. I cannot watch more. Perhaps my family and I see the torture of an innocent young man with special needs through different eyes and with a greater, undeniable sense of responsibility to help; but this story playing out today is proving unbearable,” she wrote.

“It’s time for a screaming wake-up call, America,” wrote Palin. Check out her full post here.

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