IT’S FINALLY HERE: The Video We’ve All Been Waiting For Has Just Arrived…

he media are completely shocked that Trump has won the presidency.

They have become detached from Mains Street America for that long, that has reassured themselves he had no chance.

VIA Young Conservatives

In fact, the level of condescension we have seen from the media regarding Trump’s chances of winning has been mind boggling.

Every day, all day, for a year we have heard that Trump is a joke and has no shot.

You had to imagine that someone was going to put together clips of all the pundits being dead wrong about Trump.

Someone did.

This is one of the greatest videos you will ever watch…

Game. Set. Match.

By far the most fulfilling aspect of this election has been watching the delusional pundits trying to figure out what happened.

The 2016 presidential race could serve as an example as one of the worst of media dysfunction and subjectivity we’ve seen recently. People remember who has been dishonest and who hasn’t.



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