IT’S A MIRACLE! What Trump Did Last Night Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy **MAKE THIS GO VIRAL

Trump had the most heartwarming moment of the campaign so far last night, and I doubt you’ll see it on the news. The media constantly portrays Trump as some heartless monster, but Trump just proved again how loving and thoughtful of a man he is.

In a heartwarming moment, Trump paused his speech to mention Hugh “Riley” Rone, a 9 year old Trump supporter who was recently killed in a car accident. Trump brought his parents on stage and what happened next will make you cry…(WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW)

“These are incredible people their son recently passed away in a horrible accident…he was the biggest supporter i had,” Trump said as he waited for the Rones to come up on stage. At that very moment, the crowd started loudly chanting, “Riley!…Riley! …Riley!.” over and over…


Riley’s Mom stepped on stage and immediately broke down into tears as the crowd kept chanting. She was in awe of Trump’s kindness, saying, “what kind of man who is running for the highest office in our land… takes out the time from his campaign to call us “ 

WATCH THIS Then SHARE it on Facebook so we can prove the media WRONG about Trump! He is so thoughtful!


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