IT’S A MIRACLE! Trump Just Made GM Do Something AMAZING for America

Donald Trump has been on FIRE creating tons of new American jobs ever since he won the election back in November. Now he has finally made America’s biggest car company, General Motors, succumb to American might and it is GLORIOUS!!

The car giant is gearing up to pump $1 billion into several factories across the country and create over 1000 new jobs, the Wall Street Journal reports.

This comes just 2 weeks after Donald Trump tweeted about Ford and Toyota and everyone else making new American jobs and how GM would be joining soon.

GM then came out and said it would not be moving jobs back here immediately but would work to help Trump make new American jobs. It looks like Trump got EXACTLY what he wanted.


So the “boycott” of General Motors is now over. Anyone who is working to help American workers take their lives back is good on my list. Thanks Donald Trump for securing another valuable ally in the war to take our country back!

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(H/T – Daily Mail)

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