Items Found Belonging to Murdered Ambassador May Finish Hillary Once and for All

Ever since the creation of the House Select Committee in Benghazi last year, committee Chairman Trey Gowdy has found his investigation stymied by the Obama administration at every turn.

Perhaps the most egregious example of stonewalling was the fact that the State Department, which has been dragging its feet in turning over information, just recently released roughly 1,300 pages of emails to and from murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The release of the highly relevant information came Tuesday, a mere two days before the committee was scheduled to interview former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

One of the emails, obtained by Fox News, showed the ambassador pleading with the State Department for more security in the highly unstable and dangerous region of Benghazi, Libya.

Stevens claimed that he needed a minimum of 13 security personnel, but that request was denied by Clinton’s then-deputy, Patrick Kennedy.

This despite more than 243 reported security incidents in Libya during 2012, including an assassination attempt on the British ambassador, an attack on the Red Cross, and a prior assault on the walls of the Benghazi diplomatic compound.

Instead of beefing up security, Clinton left Stevens and the handful of security personnel he had to essentially fend for themselves in the known terrorist haven of Benghazi.

The evidence has been mounting against Clinton in the Benghazi attack and cover-up. And every day, revelations about her email scandal bring more.

Hopefully, the contents of Stevens’ emails will be revealed for the American public to see, so it can be plainly obvious that Hillary Clinton’s State Department willfully left Americans in a dangerous situation without adequate protection, then covered it all up afterwards.

Source : redflagnews

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