The witch hunt to have our new Attorney General resign continues but the more we look into it, the more it looks like it was nothing but a Democrat set up from the very get go.

When Senator Franken questioned Sessions, he ONLY asked about meetings related to the campaign, and Sessions, rightfully so, denied any such contact. The meetings in question were all a set up by the Obama administration, as they wanted the Russians to have interactions with Sessions they could use AFTER the election just in case Trump won, knowing Sessions was rumored to be under consideration for several positions within the Trump administration.

One of the so-called meetings that Sessions had was nothing more than a shake of the hands at a political event. I can already see one of Obama’s people hinting to one of the Russian’s to go “thank” Sessions so they could put some ammunition in their guns.

The second instance the Dems are questioning was a meeting Sessions had in his capacity as a member of the ASC, which was in no way a secret meeting and is well documented.

During his testimony, Sessions even conceded that he was “not aware of any of those activities,” referring to Franken’s question about Trump surrogates exchanging information about the campaign with the Russians.

Franken knew full well about the aforementioned meetings that Sessions had in another role and could have easily asked for clarification on those matters, but he chose not to, most likely because he knew those specific “meetings” were all part of the plan to derail the Trump administration.

He clearly wanted to set this tripwire for Sessions to use against him post-confirmation so the Dems could achieve their ultimate goal and have him removed as the attorney general and undermine Trump’s presidency.

Numerous people have come to Sessions’ defense already, saying he could have been clearer, but I put the fault on Franken for this. If he wanted to know what happened during those other interactions, all he had to do was ask and I am sure Sessions would have been more than happy to give him whatever information he needed about the meetings.

At the time, then Senator Sessions was asked a question and he gave an answer that specifically pertained the question he was asked, nothing more and nothing less.

The Dems are clearly playing games and had this setup in mind from the very outset, and it is despicable and a perfect example of why Trump supporters want that swamp drained!

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