ISIS Just Outsmarted Every Single Democrat

Weeks after Democrats mocked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his views on refugee migration, he has been proven right.

According to The Washington Examiner, German security officials are now warning that an attack in the country by Islamic State group affiliates was imminent, due to sleeper cell members who have entered Germany disguised as refugees.

Manfred Hauser, deputy head of Bavarian intelligence, said that Germans must stay vigilant. “We have to accept that we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany.”

“We have substantial reports that among the refugees are hit squads,” he explained.

Furthermore, he warned residents that they could expect another Islamic State group attack soon.

“We have irrefutable evidence that there is an ISIS command structure that makes an attack in Germany very likely,” Hauser said.

If it could happen in Germany and across Europe, it could happen in the United States too, and Republicans such as Donald Trump have been warning about this since the beginning.

Trump has become notorious for his views on immigration, especially when it comes to the refugee crisis around the world. He has called for better screening, but has also said that many of the refugees coming in to the country are Islamic State group soldiers.

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has often criticized Trump for his views on such immigration, calling him hateful and bigoted. But it’s not just Republicans that are worried about the threat of ISIS.

CIA Director John Brennan — who does not view himself as a Democrat or Republican — has also warned of imminent attacks by the Islamic State group.

He said they would use “refugee streams, traditional smuggling routes and legitimate travel” to smuggle themselves into a country so they could plan even more attacks.


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